How to choose a neck fan for vacation, travel, walk?

Portable neck fan is the best choice when you take a walk on a sizzling summer day. You will desperately want to feel a cool breeze around your neck and face. And as a bonus – your hands will be free.

If you are on vacation and sightseeing, you need refreshment in the heat – so you can enjoy your walk. The portable fan cools you down well and you have your hands free to discover great souvenirs, new friends, food, new emotions, and so on.

The portable neck fans are wireless, so you can use them in different situations – waiting for the bus at the station, working at the office, resting in nature, walking the dog, going to an outdoor concert, etc.

There are several types of portable neck fans. And if you are wondering how to choose the best one – here are some tips.

Design – a bladeless portable neck fan or a bladed neckband fan?

If you are considering buying a portable neck fan, you need to know that in terms of design there are two types – bladeless and bladed.

The bladeless portable fan (on the left picture) looks like a headset and is fashionable. As you can easily see, there are no visible blades, and the airflow comes from the neckband.

The portable fan without blades is safer if you have long hair. It will not wrap around the blades when freshened up with the fan. It is also quieter but less powerful, and you cannot adjust the direction of the airflow as you like. You will have no worries with that if you have a fade cut.

The portable neck fan with blades (right picture) has many blades that create a cool wind. This type is stronger, but usually louder. The fans are 360° adjustable, so you can direct the airflow in the direction you want—toward your face, eyes, hair, or forehead.

As you can easily see, the two types of portable neck fans have advantages and disadvantages. I can summarize that the bladeless neck fans are usually more stylish, safer, and quieter, but less powerful. While the fans with blades are easily adjustable and more efficient, but louder.

There is an option for a portable neck fan with blades for people with long hair – the blades are hidden in protective “cups”, as you can see in the picture below:

This type is a hybrid of the bladeless and bladed fans. It is safe and adjustable with a flexible gooseneck.

Power – how powerful is the portable neck fan?

If you are looking for a new neck fan, you need to check how strong it is. Some portable neck fans can produce a light breeze to freshen you up; most bladeless fans do this. But others are powerful and will blow you through with a strong gust of wind—usually the ones with blades.


Check how many speeds the portable neck fan operates at. Some fans work with only one speed, others with three or even six. This is advantageous because you require a stronger airflow at times and a weaker one at others. If the batteries do not have enough power, you can also run the fan at a lower speed so you can have a light breeze for longer.

Battery life and charging

First, check to see if the fan uses rechargeable or replaceable batteries. In the second place, check how long the battery life is. This is important because you may need the fan for a long time – for example, an entire day of sightseeing without the possibility of recharging the batteries. In such a case, it is easier to replace the batteries. You just need to buy new batteries and take them with you.

Some batteries last for 8 hours, others for 22 hours. If the batteries are rechargeable, you should find out how long it will take you to recharge them. If they are not rechargeable, make sure you have enough batteries to replace the ones you use up.

How noisy is the portable neck fan?

Do not neglect to check how loud the portable neck fan is. If you use it for a short walk with the dog, the noise will not be a problem. But if you need it in the office or in a place where other people are constantly, the noise can disturb them and you as well.

Usually, portable neck fans without blades are quieter but not so powerful. In contrast, the fans with blades are louder and can produce much stronger airflow.

A portable neck fan or an air conditioner?

Note that the portable neck fans produce only airflow. They do not reduce the temperature of the air as the portable neck air conditioners do. This is important to know so that you will not be disappointed when you use them.

The portable neck air conditioners can reduce the temperature of the air stream by 12 degrees. They are perfect for fighting the heat when it is extremely hot.

Enjoy the essence in the video below.

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